Hi all, I want some advice. I own a cake shop and it is under renovation. Last day when I visited a coffee shop, I saw that they have put up some beautiful canvas prints on their walls. I loved the idea and I was planning the same for my shop. I have few paintings of cakes and I don’t know much about it and so need to know in detail. How much does it cost? What all things we need to be careful about? Thanks in advance.
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You can get great service and beautiful large canvas prints from here  My Kolors  
They also offer prints on very attractive foam board panels printed on photo paper with decorative edges and thickness around 3/4 of inch . Lightweight and easy for maintaining they are perfect media to decorating public space ( you probably saw them on airports and malls ) .
I will try snap some photos tomorrow from our own store decorated with gallery wrapped canvases and boards ...   
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