I have a canon printer. how do you clean them and how often?
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Cleaning edible printer  actually refer to cleaning print head nozzles  . If printer is used on daily basis self cleaning process will start before an image is printed . Process is automated , however you have to manually print nozzle check pattern to observe if any issues still exist ( clogging or ink starving ).
Maintenance commands can be found in your printer menu under " Set Up " option . If issue persist even after deep cleaning , use of cleaning cartridges would be necessary  .
Some printers will let you remove print head and clean it manually with approved non toxic cleaners . 
Using your edible printer often with high quality edible inks would minimize most of printer troubles . 
We recommend using cleaning cartridges once in 3-4 months to refresh nozzles . Most of issues will start mixing up different edible inks ( low quality inks have sugar in formulation and have tendency to dry up quickly ) .
It's important to keep your edible ink cartridges always in printer , do not remove them even if they are empty but don't print with empty cartridge until you have replacement ready !
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