Can someone please tell me how to load the sheets into my Canon ix6820 printer? Should paper go plastic side first or icing sheet side first? Using 2" template and prints are not centered at all!
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For 2" precut sheets feed icing side first. Make sure correct settings are applied in printer driver ( print settings ).
Sheet size is A4. It must be checked every time when sending print job to printer.
There is option to save this setting inside printer driver ( check box that say " always use this settings " ) .. that way you'll have default size set as A4 .
Don't forget to change default size when printing regular full sheets
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Ink4cake, can you tell me how to get the 1/2 sheet cake sheet to go through my printer? I have the same printer as above. The 1/4 sheets print fine but the 1/2 starts to load and then stops. Then the printer is printing on nothing. I chose the paper size 11 by 17 in the printer settings. 
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Trout Man
First choose correct size , it's A3 . Second , your problem is not a printer, it's wireless connection used probably to connect printer with laptop or phone. Your wifi is weak , without enough bandwidth to process  data sent to printer considering print size printer processor time out and cancel printer. 
In case you don't use wireless connection make sure correct size is selected (A3 ) , adjust sheet feed side holders to keep paper straight when printing.
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Thank you so much! A3 worked to print it. Now I need to create a different measurement template for 1/2 sheets or move it over. The picture is off centered and cut off. You have been an amazing help!! I appreciate you!!! : ) DJ
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