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I am using CANON iP7250 Edible Printer. I Have bought "Print A Cake" software and I love it. But there is one thing I miss a lot in this software or I just can't find it. Is there an option that I can print different pictures in one time ? I usually print on 1.25" Pre-cut icing sheets. I often need to print 1-2 circles with one picture, then 1-2 with another and so. Pre-cut sheets have one big problem, sheets can go thru printer maximum about 10 times, Circles from sheet by folding while printing is starting to fall into printer, and i had about once a week with screwdriver open my printer because paper often stucks by this reason. It could be good if there is possible print different pictures in these circles while printing on the same page just one time. Thanks for answer!
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Only way to print multiple designs at once is using OL software. It's very simple and effective.
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