Hi everybody,
Can anyone explain me the difference between "office labeler 6 from in4cake"  and office labeler 6 from sure thing (the original supplier) and also what is your experiency on this software. Actually i don´t know what i should take, the print a cake software or the office labeler???. MAybe you can help me on this dicision. regards MArkus
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It's same software built by Sure Thing . However we added custom built templates for supreme icing sheets we sell. This will save you tremendous time  if you are going to create your own templates. There is option to buy Lucks and Frostino templates as well.
In case you already own software you can just purchase templates available separately. 
After long research we concluded that Office Labeler 6  from Sure Thing is perfect tool for any cake decorator despite not being built for it purposely. It's flexible platform work great for anyone who want to print on precut icing sheets or print multiple images on same page.
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I'm having issues downloading the office labeler to my computer.  I'm using windows 10.   Can you help.
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