One of the most frequent questions answered by our Sales Department, asked mostly by chocolatiers and customers dealing with chocolate products, is whether we sell white edible ink.
Current desktop edible printing machines utilize only CMYK colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Some more complex commercial machines will use, in addition, diluted colors from the same base, as Light Cyan or Light Magenta, in order to get better gradients or better gamut, however, 95% of edible printers today use only CMYK with excellent results regardless. Because of this, white edible ink is not necessary. 

Printing on chocolate transfer sheets is a very effective method producing best results when printed choco transfer sheets are placed on white chocolate. While most bakers would love to have these same results transferring on dark chocolate, this task is impossible because of translucent nature of choco transfer sheets.

To make it simple, whatever is white on printed sheet would become dark when applied on dark media. Same design will not look bright and vivid applied on dark chocolate without first printing white base to enhance it. Same principle is used when printing designs on black T shirts. Decorators first use white base and then print on top of the wanted graphics.

Edible white inks would solve these problems instantly, i agree. 

Unfortunately, white edible inks are still in developing phases, not ready for mass production use, since formulation taken from offset edible printing used in big businesses (for example printing on M & M candy) are not compatible with thermal print heads used in today's edible printers, used by thousands of bakeries and cake decorators.
Confectioneries and candy printing is not an industrial task anymore and has evolved into something simple enough to be done from home. Printing on cakes, cookies, and cupcakes allows for an amazing level of customization on an otherwise inaccessible process.

Ink4Cakes hopes to deliver edible white inks to their customers very soon and confirm leadership in this amazing technology.
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Trout Man
Can't wait to try it ...
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Sugar Mamma
This is going to be a game changer for me!  
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